Five Apps to Check Out When Buying or Selling a Home in Atlanta, GA

Let me start by saying this… Always use a REALTOR when buying or selling a home. Our experience negotiating and navigating the process will save you time and money. This advice comes from the REALTOR in me…..the techie, nerdy side of me also knows that half the fun of buying or selling a home is downloading a few apps and doing a little exploring and research on your own.

Here are five of our favorite apps that will help you (and your REALTOR of course) along with the process:


evernote blog

Evernote: If you are buying or selling a home, download Evernote first. Think of it as your digital swiss army knife. It allows you to maintain an endless number of notes on houses you’re interested in, categorize them, share them with your REALTOR and spouse, take photos and sync with all of your mobile and desktop devices. For sellers, it helps you keep track of home improvement projects, to-do lists and any other tasks that need to be done as part of the selling process. Evernote’s ease of use and large feature selection make it a must-have when buying or selling a home in a city as large as Atlanta, GA. Android, iOS


homesnapHomesnap: This real estate app is a dream come true for homebuyers. Simply snap a photo of a home you’re interested in and get immediate information about the listing, including square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price and more. It gives you this information even if the home isn’t for sale. Very useful. Android, iOS


houzz-logo-on-blackHouzz: Thinking of selling your home but feel it could use some updating? Has your house been on the market for a while and you need a few design ideas to wow potential buyers? Then look no further than Houzz, the largest database of home decorating ideas on the Internet. The only problem with this app is that you will lose track of time while scrolling through all of the beautiful design ideas. Android, iOS


fmls_logoGAMLS / FMLS Home Assist: This is the only app on our list that requires a little help from your REALTOR because you will need to request access from them. Once access is granted, this app allows you to have MLS information as quickly as your agents. Think Trulia or Zillow but with up-to-the-minute listing info that comes directly from the MLS. REALTORs and their clients can pick, choose, save and eliminate listed homes they’d like to target. A must have app for homebuyers. Android(GAMLS), iOS(GAMLS) Android(FMLS) iOS(FMLS)


zillow digs imagesZillow Digs: Like a Pinterest for real estate, Zillow Digs allows you to browse home and decorating images, save them to your boards and estimate costs for overall improvement projects. iOS


With so many apps out there, I am sure that we missed something. Feel free to mention apps that you may have used to buy or sell a home in the comments below.

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